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We have all the vacuum accessories you need!

Integrated Compact Vacuum Cleaners.

Quick Easy Cleaning of apartments, bungalows or high traffic areas such as kitchens or family rooms. 

Choice of hoses, either light weight 30' (9m) with optional on off switch or space saving stretche hose which extends from 8’ (2.4m) to 40’ (12m) and Coils up to 15” (38cm) for storage.

Powerful 1400watt Twin Fan Motor.

400 Air Watts of Suction Power – 70% More Cleaning Power than a Standard Cylinder Cleaner.

High Capacity Bag holds 4 litres of dirt.

5 Layer HEPA Filter Bags – Great for Allergy Sufferers.

Ribbed Interior – Suction Power Transfers Upwards as Bag Fills.

Unlike other traditional or handheld vacuums, the InterVac lightweight integrated vacuum cleaners have a unique space saving patented design for integrating into walls or cabinets for quick and easy access.

The light weight hose is all you carry. By combining InterVac’s high-powered suction with our HEPA certified, high efficiency five-layer filter bags, you will experience the latest advancement in vacuum technology.
InterVac quickly eliminates dirt and airborne contaminants to provide you with a cleaner, healthier and fresher environment.

Choose the option of either wall mounted or hidden remote start units with flush valves which can be conveniently mounted at waist height; no bending down, no heavy units to pull around, no short battery life.

The CrossOver Vacuum Cleaner
The ease and convenience of a whole house central vacuum
With the looks and price of a cylinder vacuum.


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