The most powerful vacuum I’ve owned
Lorna La Marque
Thanks for a product that is so useful, so easy to use and most of all, so lasting.
Mike Hargreaves
So quick and easy to use
Susan J Woodward
......what a breeze and pleasure it is to vacuum now.
John Biggins
Great selection of tools
Basil Wesley
The stretch hose is fantastic
Could suck start the Bonneville!
Peter Wood
The template makes installation simple
Marsha & Lee Squires
I have owned my InterVac since January of 2002 and it is still working great!

Bag vs Bagless

There is a huge difference in the vacuum cleaner market between the cheap machines often made in china and eastern countries, compared to the higher grade machines manufactured in Europe and America.

All vacuum machines have filters, in bagged machines the bag is the main filter, in bagless machines the cyclone effect traps the larger dirt particles but a filter, or filters, are needed to trap the smaller particles.

Bagged machines.

A bag vacuum cleaner simply works buy sucking the dirt from the head up the suction tube into the bag where then the dirt molecules are stopped, if the bag is a lower quality paper bag the much smaller air molecules fit through the tiny holes in the paper bag where they then go into the motor and out of the machine. With HEPA bag machines the filtration process is as great as 0.3 microns. Bagged machines usually have a very thin pre- motor filter just to stop any dirt that would go into the motor if the bag was not put on properly.
A very thin exhaust filter may also be fitted to stop any carbon dust blowing into the room which the motor produces while in use.
This is a relatively short journey for the air travelling through your machine which puts little stress on the motor when in use also making it run at a cooler temperature.

Baggless machines.

With a cyclone machine the air has a much longer journey in order to by-pass a paper bag, it must work its way round the cyclone and because there is no bag, these machines must have 2, often 3 much thicker filters to protect the motor of any dust missed by the cyclone. This very long air journey and much thicker filters put a lot of stress on the motor reducing its life dramatically also making the machine a lot noisier when in use. 

There are a lot of bag-less machines manufactured where the cyclone design is so bad that the filters are doing most of the work stopping the dust going into the motor. This causes two problems, after a very short time using the machine your suction and performance drops significantly. Often bag-less machines work great for the first 2 weeks then a significant drop off in performance is experienced as the filters become chocked up. This then causes the motor to run at a much higher temperature reducing its life dramatically.
To solve the problem the filters must be replaced or washed. Washing filters only removes so much of the dirt and over time damages the construction of the filter material reducing its effectiveness. This means that they must be replaced eventually and can be expensive simply because they are a much more complex filter than the simple material which bag machines use. Another problem found with certain cyclone designs is that the cyclone itself starts to block up with fine dust eventually restricting all airflow, this dust builds up deep inside the cyclone where no user can access. 

Running costs.

Comparing the running cost of some bag machines over 1 year and the running cost of some bag-less machines over the same time, while ensuring both machines work at optimum performance some of the bag-less machines cost more. This is simply because the filters are so expensive and needed changing so frequently.
Consider the claim ‘lifetime filter', is this the machines life or the filters life? Most bagless manufacturers advise changing the filters twice a year, this cost is often greater than a year’s supply of bags.

Another problem is how hygienically we dispose of the dirt, when you come to emptying a bag-less machine it all rushes out into the bin hitting the bottom and making a huge dust cloud going everywhere. With a bag machine you simply remove the paper bag seal it and throw it away, the dust is always sealed inside the paper bag.
This is why we here at InterVac decided to develop a vacuum machine incorporating the best available micron filter bag technology. We believe that:

A bag machine will outlast a bagless vacuum.

Will provide a more hygienic method of dirt disposal.

Is more economical to run compared with a bagless machine which has it’s filters changed as per the manufacturers recommendation.


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