Technical Features

No loss of suction power with InterVac\'s ribbed internal body+

No loss of suction power with InterVac's ribbed internal body

Bag less vs. Bagged. Bag less vacuum manufacturers often claim that bagged vacuums lose their suction power as the bag fills up. Not so with InterVac, the ribbed internal body allows the suction power to move up as the bag fills. This results in no loss of suction power and also ensures the bag is efficiently filled, approximately 4 litres (1 US gallon) of HEPA filtered compacted dirt, bugs, germs and grime fits into a full InterVac bag.

Fire test+

Fire test

A short video showing the fire resistance of the Bayblend FR10 ABS material used for all InterVac vacuum bodies. 

Under the Hood+

Under the Hood

A look at the design features of the power unit

Vacuum body material+

Vacuum body material

Bayer Corporation material specification sheet for the body material used in all InterVac vacuums.

What is HEPA filtration?+

What is HEPA filtration?

Here's a link to the Wikipedia page on HEPA filtration.

Electro Motor Link+

Electro Motor Link

Well you wouldn’t want a Chinese engine in a Jeep® here’s a link to the team at Electro Motors in Tennessee


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